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  • L. B. A.

    L. B. A.

  • Osha Groetz

    Osha Groetz

    Software Engineer. A new addict of ReactJS & Javascript, CSS & APIs, with a little dabbling in Ruby, Ruby On Rails…

  • Christy Tropila

    Christy Tropila

    Started my journey as a Web Dev in 2018 and loving every minute of it! :)

  • jaded aizen

    jaded aizen

    Software engineer

  • Samir Triande

    Samir Triande

    “Do not focus on the end goal in life, try to be present and enjoy the process that gets you there.”

  • Milan Parmar

    Milan Parmar

    Software Engineer 👨🏽‍💻 | Full Stack Web Development 💻 | Smartphone Tech Enthusiast📱

  • sukek shanmugam

    sukek shanmugam

    Programmer Analyst

  • Kat Maldon

    Kat Maldon

    Software Engineer. Creature of Havoc.

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